Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bokeh, ボケ味

My craving to shoot bokeh potrait pictures for ting has driven me into this lense....

AF 50mm f1.8D.

Some test shoots.

Fantastic shapness and bokeh effect for a $300 lense, my 18-105mm VR will be kept in the dry box for quite some time from now onwards. :p

Looking forward for potrait shooting for her with this new lense when she is here tommorrow. :)

p/s: Bokeh (derived from Japanese bokeaji ボケ味, "blur") is a photographic term referring to the appearance of out-of-focus areas in an image ... (Quoted from wikipedia)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quote of the day

Photographer Elliot Porter said: "True art is the expression of our love of nature" and "A true work of art is the creation of love, love for the subject first and for the medium second."

Sculptor Henry Moore said it best: "Art is the expression of imagination, not the reproduction of reality."


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Amazing Movie Making : Light You Up

What could we do with a torchlight?

I would use it for :
1. Light things up during a blackout.
2. Discovery trip in jungle.
3. Look into the colourful eyes of cats and dogs.
4. Ambient creator during ghost stories session.
5. "Become" a ghost with the help of torchlight during blackout and ghost stories session.

And, this is what PikaPika Project produce with ONLY torchlights, video cam and camera!!!


10 shooting days, 73 hours shooting time, 16362 total pictures taken, and all done at the temperature of 2◦c, they did a fabulous, creative piece of modern art!

You guys have certainly lighten up our lives!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why paying more for D90?

It was weekend, and it should have been a happy weekend for photo taking.

I was having breakfast before the phototaking day started.

I was happy

I was really happy and exciting

Had a few satisfactory photos took.

After about an hour of photo shooting, I was trying to try out the zoom lense on the flowers. Squating down, view into the viewfinder, ready....and... Blak!!! Wondering what happened?! Trying to stand up, again... Blak!!!...

I knew what happened, immediately.


Why are we paying 1k more for the D90 instead of D80?

Ya, this is the reason. Live View.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Malaysian politics

Quote from Saw Yong:“被偷拍裸照的都辞职了,杀人贪污的还高高在上啊?“

That's Malaysia.

Malaysia Boleh!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Was chatting with Gong about going to diving and travelling in March and May, and he mentioned that the Ox 犯太岁 for the following year, and we need to bleed some blood in order to block any misfortune that will happen on us this year.

The idea of going for blood donation are still in my mind, when I broke glasses in home and have myself bleeded. =.="

I was holding two glasses on my way to kitchen, and one slipped. To my reflex, I went on to grab it, and two glasses broke. Stupid I... >.<

Coward I, and will still go for the blood donation. Hope this can help to block the coming "bombs" for the time being. >.<

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First time breathing in the water!!!

Wuh, two days of confined water sessions, finally finished!!! Hurray...!!!

First day, even smilingboy like me with waterphobia, also cannot squeeze out any smile when standing in front of the 5m water....
Ya... I know swimming... but only breaststroke, which I pushed myself to go to learn since I know i have waterphobia...And, the deepest pool i ever tried, only 2m...

All the basic things, equipments, signal, to dos and do nots...Equipped ourselves, ready for the first even scuba dive.

Get ourselves adapted to moving and breathing in the water of 1.8m, everything seems okay... Till that of mask clearing session...

I sucks BIG TIME!!!

Mask clearing, is a must know technique in the water, to clear our mask by filling it with water, and displaced it by blowing the air from the nose. Sounds easy, but really, I took 2 days to complete this move...

My problem was that being in water really freaks me out... I was like a in a totally different world, knowing nothing but nervousness. The moment water filled up my mask, I started to lose rythm of breathing, and water coming into through nose. Throat filled with water, choked...

Finally I made it once in the 1.8m pool, and then we were brought to the 5m pool. The mask clearing practise in the deep water, nearly took my soul away. =.="

We were asked to take off the mask for 60 secs, and then put it back, clear it. My buddy did it at first go. ME? No, not even the second step...

The moment I can't see anything with the mask removed, my mind went wild, lose control, and lose my mind. Water starting to come into the mouth and nose, drinking water(which 100% containing a lot of urine, haha), choked, and unable to breathe.

To my reflex, I tried to swim up to the surface, which is a suicidal move in diving. Luckily my instructor pulled me down, and slowed my assent. Why suicidal? Because the air in the lungs and the blood will expand, bringing injury to the lungs and causing bubbles formed in the blood, which in both could be fatal.

Frustrating day, because the sessions ended up in dissapointment.

Return home, I keep thinking what went wrong, even borrowed mask from Ken to learn mask clearing in the pool, however, not even succeed once in the 1 hour practise.

Tired, as only slept for 2 hours the day before, yet cannot fall asleep. Everytime I close my eyes, the moment of being choked in the blue world that is so unsecure to me came to my mind. Staying up almost all night, only able to get some sleep at around 6am after playing DOTA. (killing is the best way to relax our minds? I was GODLIKE that day, TWICE, wakaka).

The next morning, thinking wanna return the mask to Ken, and saying goodbye to my instructor, because the physco of being flooded in this soundless and blue world drive me to jitter.

Reaching the pool, seeing my buddy and instructor already ready to be in action, thinking, why not give myself another try?

First thing to be complete today, is to be able to perform mask clearing. I tried, again, failed in the 1.8m pool. Instructor apparently showing his dissapointment, asking me to practise and do some self-questioning.

Depressed, yet, I never gonna give up till i drowned in the water (touch wood!!! touch wood!!!). After half an hour of practise, yay!!! I made it!!! :D

Actualy the main problem is that, I am too nervous, and forgot the way to breathe. :p It wasn't that hard actually, though still I had a couple of mouthful water with the mask clearing, still I can complete it calmly and successfully!!!

Breathing in the water!!!

Returning to home, rest, sleep sweetly... I was dancing with the fishes in my dream, haha... Woke up at around 1am, and finally can have some time with my new laopo...hehe

Yay, D80! ^^

Test shoot 1

Test shoot 2

Test shoot 3

Test shoot 4

Wonderful weekend, ended with ice skating on Monday Thaipusam holiday. :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Exciting Saturday!

Tough night, need to finish reading 200 pages, because will be deep down in water in 2 hours. hehe...

Just got my new wife few days back, however still have not had time to spend some quality time with her... :(

I promise, whole weekend + thaipusam holiday, just with you, only you. ^^

this is the culpit that caused my black circle, and, test shoot from my new wife ;)

Breathing in the water, that's gonna be a moment I never forget. :)