Monday, March 30, 2009

Lisa Wong Speed Painting

Awesome performance by Lisa Wong in the 2009 Narcissus Queen, Hawaii... Thinking of what the heck is she doing throughout the speed paiting, until the last moment she turned the painting upside down...

Absolutely stunning, with a wonderful last touch of wounds on Bruce Lee.

Daniel Powter - Next Plane Home

I am so into this song, have been listening to this all weekend long, especially the piano play at the very first beginning of the song.

The MV, taken in a desert, Lancaster, California, when some biplanes are flying around, is absolutely lovely. And it reveals the most interesing part of the song at the end of the MV.

Danile Powter was actually singing this song for his most loved - his daughter! Suprising, yet sweet.

Love it yay!

Daniel Powter - Next Plane Home

I woke up early to baby blue eyes from afar whoah whoah
and when the sun comes through and lights you like the angel you are whoah whoah
I know I do you wrong when I'm with you I've been gone

With every season change, it looks the same, November to June whoah whoah
And dont these empty streets skip a beat the flowers dont bloom whoah whoah

I can't believe I missed your birthday again
and I wanna come back but I just dont know when now

And I'm so lonely you're not here with me
That's why I'm gonna be on the next plane home
The road that never ends round the bend I see your smile whoah whoah
I'd swim across the sea to be with you for a while whoah whoah
cos I've made a life of been gone
now the way that I feel I just dont belong

And I'm so lonely you're not here with me
thats why I'm gonna be on the next plane home
And you're you're the only face I wanna see
thats why Im gonna be on the next plane home

Stand around try to make every moment
and be somebody yeah anybody
it seems the whole world is taking me over
I need somebody to help me get back to you

and I've always been a million miles away
but things are gonna change
I just wanna come home

And you're you're the only face I wanna see
thats why I gonna be on the next plane home
yeah I'm taking the next plane home
Now I'm getting the next plane home
Now I'm taking the next plane home

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Boxes Mosaic

I was In One - U when I saw this nice arrangement of Fossil boxes, in a very pleasant harmony of order and colour, standing in the background of the masonry stone cladding.

Earth Hour 2009 @ Look Out Point

It was Earth Hour 209, and Eric called me up to Look Uut Point Ampang, to catch the moment of Kuala Lumpur, in the dark. Thinking that it would be real fun and interesting to see this memorable moment for the first time, in Malaysia, I am on, despite quite some works to be done.

Was in Ampang, when Eric sms and said that he could not make it, as he was in KLIA, flying aeroplanes. >.< So, ended up Chimin and I went on for the photo shooting.

Had been in Look Out Point for two times, but today was really jamming, and we need to park 200m away from the entrance. I guess everyone is coming for the Earth Hour, who said Malaysian are not awared of the latest updated news and events? Haha...

Kuala Lumpur in the lights

KLCC switching off the lights

KLCC in dim

Kuala Lumpur in dim

Back to the lighting world

After the Look Out Point, we heading towards KLCC for the night shooting, for the first time.

KLCC in the wind

KLCC in the water

While Chimin was taking pictures at the junction, I had some panning shoots.

D70 @ Jalan Ampang

May this Earth Hour arises the sustainability and environmental awareness among us.

p/s: I overheard a conversation, it was a Mum talking to the daughter: "It is such a shame that only big coorperation involved in this activity, while most of the residential are still on lights."

After looking back to the pictures I took, I think she is totally wrong. Though it is the very first time Malaysia as part of the global vote in the Earth Hour, I believe and confident that Malaysia, Malaysian has taken to the next level in term of environmental awareness and maturity, but not politics. No, not, nope, sorry.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tioman Open Water Dive

The day that I was awaiting in anxiety and excitement, has finally arrived. OWD in Tioman!!!

Yay, wake up damn early, reading the text book, (which later I found out I was the only one doing the revision...) as I was still so water-fobia, and feeling so scare, next to dying I guess, to step into the water...again. He he...

The journey to Mersing, long and tiring...boring also... haha...:p As I am driving Suey and Vicky, whom are elder than me, as a respect, I be a good boy and drive carefully lo... @'.'@

However, Hawkuen's speed of light didn't allow me to do that. >.<

Driving at an unprecedented 4700rpm, 160km/h, yet, he was still so far away from me!!!

After 5 hours driving at an average speed of 140km/h, with a tasteless dinner in Kluang, (first time being in Kluang, despite living just an hour drive from here... Too tired till could not taste the hou fan I had...) we had finally, eventually... arrived in Mersing. =.="

Checked into the hotel, and after having a comfotable hot shower in the cold rainy day, the next thing to do is to lying on bed, and say "I coming" to 周公. So paiseh didn't even have a complete conversation with ming kit, hehe... :p

Woke up the next day at 5am, in order to catch the 6.30am ferry. Was idling about while waiting for the others, I played with my camera and had these shoots.

By the time the boat on the way to Tioman, the sky was still dark, and it was really great to be able to catch some sunrise.

The change of colour is simply fabulous and stunning, great piece of art from the God.

The moment checking in the resort, and looking out to the sea, I was really stunned. Wtf the sky is so clear?! Wtf the sky is so blue?! Wtf I could see fishes in the seawater?! Wtf everything was so perfectly coloured and matched?! Amazing...

The open water dive was actually not as easy as I thought, as we had to perform the skills that we did in the pool dive. Everything went smoothly, and to my best of luck, Hawkuen didn't ask us to perform mask recovery, wakaka...:D

The boat dive at the 3rd dive really made me understand why shall we pay more for the boat, instead of walking through the piercing hard carol reef, with the danger of being carelessly stung by urchin. >.<>

All of us went through the 4 skills dives, and the exam. With sufficient time before the return boat, we had the Fish Id dive, which is part of the Advanced Open Water dives. This was then I realised how horrible and terrible it could be to be in the diving...

We descended from the surface, straight down to 20m underwater. The water was all blue, as blue as the sky I saw on the first day morning. At the first thought I was thinking the visibility was not really good, thus all I could see is only a painting likewise blue. However when looking around during the descent, I could see everyone clearly, even 10m away from me. Still, I couldn't see anything, no fish, no sotong, no jellyfish, no sun, no sea surface, and I couldn't even see the bottom... It was like hanging up in the middle of an infinite space, and you are left alone...Which I believe would drive anyone crazy to be in the environment alone, for not too long.

Eventually, we were at the bottom of the sea. The Fish Id started with some really stupid thing happened... The current was strong, even 20m deep down underwater. Yet we need to control the buoyancy and identify the fishes pointed.

While fighting against the current from pushing me towards the "heaven of urchin", I responced to the first "fish" pointed, which was a creature with palps...The first thing that came across my mind, with palps... A lobster...+.+ Which was a total and stupid mistake, as I found out later lobster only active in the night...and, it is actually a cutterfish. (Lao da later said that, the moment I pointed at the lobster, out of the sudden, he felt so hungry. Luckily I couldn't see him laughing inside the water, or else 6 full tanks wouldn't also save me from embarassment till couldn't breath. >.<


During the process of identifying that "creature with palp", I was consuming plenty of my gas, which left me the first to be low on air, with only around 30 minutes of dive. I surfaced at 15 bar of gas, which could only last for at most 5 minutes. >.<

Gao gao lat

Yet, through the processes of vomit, pening kepala, stung by urchin, hurt of stepping on coral reef...All of us pass our OWD!!!

Ah Chow

Ming Kit

Ah Hua



Posted herewith some other pictures I took, lucky to have brought my camera along, the sky was really blue, really clear, it was indeed a paradise, even in the night.

Congratulations to us, yeah!!!

p/s: 4700rpm, 160km/h wasn't really the fastest along the journey... I was driving at 5000rpm, 175km/h on the way back home, wakaka... Because was feeling so unwell having gone ups and downs in the 2 hours boat from Tioman to Mersing, all i thought throughout the drive was, reach home, sleep!

Thanks Vicky for safely drove me home. :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Run SmilingBoy Run

Yeah!!! Finally, I am able to complete 5.2 km jogging, non-stop. :D

Have been training for more than 4 times over the last two weeks, however I was always so tired that need to made several jogging-walking stops to complete... only 4km.

Very very seldom had exercise since entering university, and last time I jogged was ages ago... 5 years back when I went for my taekwondo black belt exam, which I jogged dying just to finish 2.2km... >.<

It was then very surprising for me as I thought the lack-of-exercise-and-gain-some-weight-me would never be able to complete that jogging distance. Apparently, diving and advice from my jogging kaki, colleagues help a lot.

Run slow, maintain the pace, relax, breath deep and slow, are the vital tips.

I am really into jogging now, and hoping could join my jogging kaki for Ipoh International Run, which seems to be very unlikely for me, as it is a near to mission impossible to train up to the standard of half marathon, from 5km to 21km in 3 months time. So, I am training, and aiming for the Penang Bridge International Marathon, half marathon category in the coming November.

Yay, I will give my best shoot for my target... Penang, wait for me and my D80. :D

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am Ready

Knowing it would be really tough 2 1/2 months following the departure of senior in 3 weeks time, as by then I would be the most senior architectural staff in the office.

The salary doesn't reflect my responsibility, the recognition and respect doesn't reflect my ability, role and commitments. Yet I would be asked to perform up to the standard of a part 2, maybe, failing which, I would be again in the hell yeah for the rest of my days in the office.

After analysing, fighting against the dilemma, and absorbing the unpleasant experience I had, and could have faced in the future for more than a week, I have decided to take up this challange, and climbing up the learning curve.

Life is full of ups and downs, and I choose not to escape any of these. I have passed through it once, and I have now prepared myself for the second time.

I am Ready.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Digital vs Film

I have been thinking that film camera produces pictures quality that way beyond digital, however this challange shows the reverse. Massive and costly experiment, and interesting results.

See this

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vintage Weekend

Busy weekend, working overnight on Friday, to rush for a submission of drawings for a client on saturday afternoon... (I never know MPPJ work on saturday >.<)

It was all because I had to be in Genting by 8pm, for her...

I know she is popular, but didnt expect a full house in the House of Dreamz.

The concert started with some really old song... 1976 =.=", 33 years ago...

Was planning for a revision of her songs before the concert, however was too tight with the Hangzhou project for the past few weeks, thus most of the songs performed I listen for the first time. Simple songs, simple music, yet, they are so touching from the beautiful voice of 风飞飞.

Throughout the concert, I was looking around, hoping for someone younger than me... but very very little, only with those kids coming with parents and grandparents. >.<. However, thanks to a 3 year old young lady's presence at the concert, making me a middle-age-range audience. He he...

When coming to the end of the concert, to my most surprise... Even a 1970's legend singer also knows the trick of "Encho", and it was not only once, but twice!!! The most funny and frightening was that, she left the classic 掌声响起 at last, the very last encho!!! I once thought I not gonna have the chance to listen to that on the day liao. Sob sob. >.<


It was a really great concert, except the background music... was "a little too loud" till we cant really hear the vocal.

Still, happy night. ^^

The next morning before going back, was having breakfast + lunch at Ah Yat Abalone due to the long queue during the school holiday weekend.

It was served all-rounded, in terms of smell, colour, and presentation. would soon rest in peace in a mouthful moment.

Mini Abalone!