Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Superman Just Dropped By My Apartment

Walking pass the parking lots as usual heading to the lift lobby, and I noticed this.

I guess Super-Love-Destruction-Man just visited my apartments and wanna leave some trace behind. 凡走过必留下痕迹。

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Quote of The Day

It was a total disaster for us when being informed that more than 80% of us were not shortlisted for the interview for Bachelor of Architecture.

We have been told that working for one year will be benefinial, and will increase your chance to obtain a place in the course. We worked hard for the past 1 year, and the passion is still burning hot inside us. Yet, most of us arent't even given a chance, not for a place in the course, but barely a chance for the interview!!!

My first reaction confirming the shorlisted candidates up for the lecturers, head of department, appeal, appeal and appeal!!!

And it proves that it works. Eventually not just me, but most of us are called up for the interview.

I wanna remind myself of these quotes, and always adhere to these in whatever I do.

AhBeng says:"Never try, never know. Do our best and have no regrets in life."

AhBeng says:"Everything that doens't kill you, makes you stronger."

AhBeng says:"Do our best, and the God will do the rest for us."

AhBeng also says:"Hope for the best, prepare for the worst."

Whatever results on Monday, I am prepared for it. Architecture life is tough, ups and downs, however I believe every process of success of failure, making me a better person.

All the best for all the interviewees for Bachelor of Architecture on Monday.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Childhood Memories - Pac-Man

I will be posting some classic games ever made.

Quote from Paul Neave "Bring back those fond memories of endless hours spent twiddling with joysticks as a kid. Enjoy! "

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blurry Weekend

Was out with photo kaki on Friday, wandering wandering to...Putrajaya.

Putrajaya Holding

Didn't have plenty of shoots, and seeing myself is starting to change into picky with photo composition, colours and lighting. I guess a good start to kick my snap shoot habit.

Seri Wawasan Bridge in traffic

Seri Wawasan Bridge

Men and Women in concentration are the most handsome and pretty. Photo kaki.

Back home at around 3am, and slept one round of clock running, 3pm...>.<" Was blur and lost the whole Saturday, and experiencing the same on Sunday, on a comparably mild condition.

I miss the days when I could work non-stop rushing for submissions on a one day one hour sleep basis... I am an old man alr...=.="

The worst was, I almost forgot Chimin's, Liqi's and Kate's birthdays. Sorry guys.

Blurry weekend... I hate weekend blue.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Elizabeth Wong is Back

Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim today announced that embattled politician Elizabeth Wong will remain as both executive councillor as well as Bukit Lanjan assemblyperson.

She's a victim of invasion of privacy
Yes she is, having intimate relationship at the age of 39, is absolutely nothing, considering the kids of our YABs' sons having super intimate relationship at a relatively young age (using tax payers money, maybe), who cares?

Khir ready to exploit the issue
Yes, he is, a record-breaking-low-moral-value-ex-MB. Shame on you.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009





搂主好样的。。。这样鼎力支持,国阵接下来的三场补选要靠你加油打气了。。。@'.'@ 其实我们的新首相会玩c4,而且还蛮有研究的,我也为此感到骄傲。。。@'.'@


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pontian, Missing so

Four days holiday of Good Friday, weekend, Easter, I could have done a lot of things in KL.

I could have been in PC Fair for the showgirls photo shooting.
I could have been in Genting for theme park and casino-ing.
I could have been lepak-ing in KL hunting for foods, and places of interest.
I could have been playing games till late night, sleeping till late noon, and clubbing till early morning.
I could have been jogging in the morning, lazy-ing in the afternoon, supper with members in nights.

But, this week, I would just love to back home for this four days.

beng in the rain
Way home is cloudy and rainy, but it never affect my mood

Home sweet home.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

阿桑... Rest in Peace

黃嬿璘, 阿桑。。。

你一直很安静。。。我想你已寻找到,但还未得到的幸福,会在来世再次继续。安息, God Bless.

FRIM - Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, Kepong

Had a pleasant satuday morning in Frim last weekend.

road in FRIM

canopy shyness

path along Rover Track

Had my first time ever micro attempt, which was really difficult... Shooting micro without flash is tough, without tripod is tough, as I had to shoot at the shutter around 1/30s, even at ISO800, and internal flash doesn't produce nice effect without the bounce lighting. And the most difficult is to get focused... I spent more than 15 minutes only to shoot this spider.

I love the layout and texture of the web


hand alike tree root

Due to the coming rainfall, I had to speed up my pace, but I will be back again for the shoots that I missed.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Miss B.Bear

I have been alone in home in Kepong, but I am not lonely, because I have a very good and cute company.

Her (yay, is a She!!!) name is… don’t have name, just call her Miss B.Bear. He he…

She is kind of a punctual person, and always has an eye on the clock.

Love to accompany me during my sleep, and doens't mind being ended up kicked under the bed, wakaka…

But the most cannot tahan thing is that... she loves to wake me up from my sweet dream

Feel the punch, yay

I Continue to sleep... you continue to feel down...

Why doesn't he wake up at 12am? Late already o...
WTF, 12.15 a.m. leh!!! >.<"

For the good of me, she loves to unplug the cable.

but i hate that... =.="

Little secret of hers is that... she is a crazy admire of Mr. Handsome-Superior-Knowledgable Doreamon. Hehe...

for all the things you did to me, wanna meet him? Dream on!

Well, she still has the moment of silence and loveliness, only when she is listening to Daniel Powter's Next Plane Home.

hey hey, you are sitting on my handphone leh.

This is the most annoying part... everytime I turn off Daniel's song.

Bitch, stay away from the socket!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Second Ass?

It has been more than 5 times, this week alone, which i ran into the situation of this.

People are asking you something, or I am enquiring something from them, through SMS, on a surely-multi-functional-damn it-advanced-handphone of today technology. Yet, I could easily wait the reply up to one whole day, maybe just for the time of the dinner, or time for the movie...

Well, the worse is no reply at all. Which making up 99% from the total above categorised sms.

Handphones are indeed very advanced and multi-functional, you can play sms, mms, 3G, GPRS, Wifi, music, gaming, even watching porn in office. Yet, the people who using it are getting lazier and lazier. Or should I say they are getting more and more advanced as well? Because they would think that you could understand their thoughts, our BRAINS are all ONLINE!

"No reply no go lo", "no reply because not interested", "no reply you should take initiative to call mah, since it is so important to you.". these are the most common 95% reasons when I call them up in the end, and the last answer is simply the most tulan words I wanna to hear. He/She started the conversation, in the end he/she wanna you to call back if you are really interested?! What kind of invitation is this?! I don't understand.

Besides, I do also think the vast and wild use of msn has deteriorated the politeness we have since young. There are countless people out there, asking me why didn't I reply their message on msn? Hey, I was on the BUSY and AWAY status, understood okay?!

Yet, the most intorelerable is when in turn, they didn't reply to my message, the reason they gave was... You didn't reply my message mah, why should I reply you?

WTF... acting like a child! A child who is not replying messages in the AVAILABLE status!!!

I guess these are the people who deserve the reward of a second ASS.

Yay, a perfect nice ASS.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1st International Putrajaya Hot Balloon Fiesta 2009

Was in Putrajaya two weeks ago, for the 1st International Putrajaya Hot Balloon Fiesta.

Waiting waiting...

When will the event start...?

Ah 9 of D70, D80 and D90

Hot... >.<

Hot balloon, flies high. flying high...

p/s: the last image is a gif file, an animation. Need to finish loading before you can see it. :)