Thursday, December 18, 2008

Model Making

I was with Frankie having a meeting in DBKL. Officer from DBKL said that the house is strange in the overall context, and stand out from the neighbourhood, though it could be a amazing piece of architecture, still in the area of "influencial people" place, a shouting architecture is not encouraged. (they wanna save themselves from trouble, one of the main reason i guess... Imagize all the Datos, Dato Seris, Tan Sris, or even PM writing to DBKL to complain about this, no one would want his job to end like this)

*heard that PM and DPM bungalows are located in Bukit Damansara, not sure true or not, lazy to confirm it.

And, there came the best part, Frankie said: We could always produce a SITE MODEL for you, and it will prove the design is absolutely in harmony with the neighbours, and in the same time it is a sustainable design, which in line with DBKL's guidelines..."

There it comes, what troubling me for almost THREE WEEKS!

I must say, it could be the most difficult ever model making in my 23 years of history on earth!

First, i took 1 week to do this...

And then, i spent another week, doing the house itself and repairing the other SMALL SMALL things, which is at 1:500 scale!!!
I have to say, I really hate the colour on my model!!!
As I mentioned, the model is at 1:500 scale, however, the boss even gets the scale ruler and argued with me over 1m of building height... If you still do not have a clear idea of 1m in 1:500 scale, it is 2mm, which is equivalant to the thickness of ONLY ONE mounting board!
The proportion of my finger to the house

On the third week, repairing this repairing that, and, I took the house off its columns and base, 6 times!!! Heartpain...
Then, came the worst part, boss said the drain in front of our site is very very very important, and, there's how he created the drain on the model...
All you need to make a drain on a site model, is a blue colour Artline 0.6, and 5 minutes of your precious time... (heart wrenching....)
Did I say I also hurted my finger?!
This, is AhBeng's precious experience on model making. If I were to make some kind of sentense making, I would choose alphabet F!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rocket House

Driving along the highways in Shanghai, you have a very very very high chance of seeing this...

Perspective from a distance, I believe the first impression one would have is like: "huh... nice oh, even houses also like Disneyland, got pretty pretty and colourful castle ah!"

However, at a closer look, this is how the cluster of fantasy houses look like...

I call the houses, Rocket House.

Why rocket house? Because it really looks like having rocket ports on top of the roofs!

The residents in Shanghai believe that the higher and bigger your rocket is, the richer you are.

AhBeng's believe it or not? Believe it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I bet those who know me, even myself, never know I am so brave and daring, taking the so called "exciting adventures" as nothing... By the way, same goes to sieu mei.

It was really boring and sleepy on the roller coaster. :p