Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Exam Time

April to May, exam time in the university and colleges again.

During this time, I can see various creative ideas floating around in msn, expressing emotions, stress, and expectations for the exam. (how wonderful it would be if it happens during my studio time, where i shouldn't have problems in producing all those so called lofty, spiritual, but actually shit-of-a-bull concepts and ideas which has nothing to do with the down-to-earth approach in built environment issues.)

It started with 烤柿,毒书...

Coming to the end of the exam, it has become 烤焦了柿,毒书反被毒. Wanna know the creative creator of this?

During the critical time, a lot of people will get so troubled, driven to the limit until they get lost (including me, sometimes).

However, there are also people to cheer you up and give you the courage to move on.

At the same time, some will creatively give you a smile when you see his message.

But, what is this? Log on to msn, and asking you not to disturb?

I don't understand.

Monday, April 28, 2008

A brand new start

The first post on my new blog, which i have no doubt but to entitle it 'A Brand New Start', coz it is an effort of me to share the-really-whole-piece-of-me to everyone.

Last time when i blogged in friendster, i wrote 99.9% about the hard time, the sad feelings i have during my life in architecture, which i think quite unfair for my friends to read all these. As i was just sharing the bitter part of my life, and selfishly kept all the sweeter part of my life for my own.

The second picture is such a demonstration of stupidity of myself =.="

lol, anyway, it's now time to study, exam in 4 hours time. Good luck for everyone. :-)