Friday, July 24, 2009

New Vision into this World

I always thought that ants look like this...

However, the reality appears not in this way, which is clearly shown in the pics below...

micro 2mm ants part 1

micro 2mm ants 2
Handsome ant direct head portrait

micro 2mm ants

Wondering what's the white white and translucent things they are carrying...

Erm... I guess it's time to repick up my Biology books, haha...

I love micro photography. :D

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Gears

Got myself some new gears in June and July...
1. Nike 3.0

A gift for my feet after my 6 years-old Nike gone completely torn to rags. I am feeling light, down to earth, I love the intimate feel to my feet.

2. Nokia 5800 Express MusicStupidly washed my Sony Erricsson in the water during the Vietnam trip. Had enough with the constant shutting down of SE, constant cut off of conversations, and constant 'no line' status, I blood washed my wallet again for this damn cool, 970 bucks, organiser, gps, wifi server, photos brower, music player all-in-1 touch screen phone.

I reckon I-phone user would be so frustrated seeing this 'cheap' phone compared to their 2.5k gadget, which does so earthly little when putting aside to this 5800xm.

I never again oversleep, thanks to the pleasing 'Summer Snow' alarm tone from its decent speaker.

3. Nikon SB-600
I always wanting for a external flash, for my micro photography, outdoor portraiture and indoor studio lighting.

And now I got it, at the such bargain price that I wouldn't even get it in the piratic market of Petaling Street (if Petaling Street were to sell Nikan Sb-600)!!!.

450 bucks, for a 2 years old, yet brand new condition flash, comparing to the brand new of 900 bucks, rewards for my untiring searching for this, I guess. :)

The Nikon-SB600 wrapped up my shopping which started way ahead of Malaysia Mega Sales. I am a shopaholic. @'.'@

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Farewell My Loved One

It's has been more than 3 months since She was put in the shops for sell, and I know the day would be coming...

Now, leaving me She is... The first one was kidnapped, and didnt even call up for the ransom, and now She is leaving me after I got replacement for her last year.

I know I couldn't give you the best of mine, and do hope your next stop would be someone who love you, and be with you everyday.

Farewell, WPT 1634, You're always in my heart.