Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SOS Phone

I guess everyone who ever drives, on any highway, would recognise this device at the first sight.

Yes, a SOS phone, solar energy powered, used as an emergency contact mean for the highway users.

And, last Saturday, I had the first ever chance, in my 6 years driving history to use this so called "SOS" phone.

I was driving, and suddenly feeling the power of the car was gone, and the next moment, the indication of low black oil is highlighted at the meter... I knew something's not right, right away I stopped over my car at the road side, right beside a SOS phone.

Confirming my car is down, i immediately tried to contact the highway office for help. And to my HUGE surprise, this solar powered SOS phone was not responding to any buttons I pressed on, even when I eventually got violent onto it, haha...Yay, the phone is not functioning, under a big huge shinny day!!!

Well...I gotta end up waiting for more than 1 1/2 hours that the patrol of the highway company finally arrived... And I got no help, as my car black oil's gasket was broken, and the price? Rm160.00 for the tow, and yet-unknown repairs for the car and effected engine parts...

I got no blame for the sucking gasket, yet I can't figure out a solar powered device that doesn't work under sun... I thought getting an A in STPM physics should be able to rightfully and scientifically explain this, however I couldn't at the spot, and still can't at the moment. Could you?

A SOS phone that doesn't work so SOS, erm... fishy fishy...