Sunday, October 17, 2010

What's wrong?

I find myself having symptoms of Hypomania...

1. I find myself reading five books at once. (10+ articles in my case)
2. I can’t concentrate.
3. I find myself talking faster than usual. (No one I can talk to, I talk to myself)
4. I feel irritable.
5. I’m hungry all the time.
6. Friends tell me that I’m crabby.
7. I need to move around because I have more energy than usual

It's suggested doing these things will help in reducing symptoms and maintaining wellness...

1. talk to a supportive person
2. get a full eight hours of sleep (haven't had any for more than a month)
3. cut back on your activities
4. attend a support group
5. call your doctor or therapist
6. do something fun or creative
7. take time for yourself to relax and unwind
8. write in your journal
9. exercise (I've stopped my daily 1 hour swmimming for a month)
10. ask for extra help from loved ones
11. cut back on sugar, alcohol, and caffeine (I've more than 3 cups of coffee + tea per day)
12. increase your exposure to light
13. increase or decrease the stimulation in your environment

Apparently I've done none of the above... Would taking antimanic help?


1 comment:

chimin said...

best solution

dump everything (most important is dump ur hp so tat no ppl can contact u even if sky is falling) behind... go travel :)